Lok Sabha - Lower House of the Parliament

Total Votes Obtained By Each Party in INDIA

About Lok Sabha

Loksabha is a Lower House of the Parliament of India also called "House of the People".

Term: 5 year term

Own TV Channel: Lok Sabha TV

Sessions & Working Hours: 1st Hour – Question Hour – Members ask Questions to specific government ministries and answers will be given in specific date in future

3 Sessions a Year:

  • Budget Session: February to May
  • Monsoon Session: July to September
  • Winter Session: November to December


  • Motions of no Confidence
  • Money Bills
  • Any Bill for Constitutional Amendment
  • No-Finance Bills (Ordinary Bills)
  • A motion for the impeachment of the President
  • A motion of the judges of the Supreme Court and the State High Courts
  • A resolution declaring war on national emergency or constitutional emergency in a state

Total Loksabha Voters in Each State