NationsRoot FAQs

  • What is NationsRoot?

    It is a platform where you can see what is happening in your local area. We built NationsRoot because we believe that citizens should have the opportunity to participate more actively in civic development. raise awareness and bring attention to crucial concerns such as sanitation, water supply, and basic amenities.

  • Why is it named NationsRoot?

    It was named to symbolize the roots of a tree that is our nation. We believe that the foundation, symbolized by roots, has to be strong so that the nation can progress healthily.

  • How much does it cost?

    It is free of charge.

  • Where is NationsRoot available?

    It is available nationwide in most towns and cities. If you don’t see your town or village, please drop us a message on the Contact Us page. We will make it available as soon as possible.

  • How does NationsRoot work?

    It helps you find leaders, support and track development, issues, and manifestos in your area. You get updates on what is happening in your local community.

  • How can I post an issue on NationsRoot?

    Go to any politician’s page and click on ‘Add an issue’. You can also upload pictures of the issue.

  • How does NationsRoot track issues?

    Once the user posts an issue, we verify the authenticity of the user and the issue. Then, the issue will be forwarded to the concerned political leader. There will be different stages of issues like received, verified, work in progress, completed, and resolved.

  • What are the types of issues that NationsRoot is focusing on and why?

    Electricity,Education,Water,Health Care,Sanitation,Roads,Nutrition,Land Farmer,Tourism,Telecommunication,Transportation,Animal Husbandary,Employment,Security,Banking

  • What happens if I follow a politician?

    You will get updates on all local activities about the politician and constituency, like issues, development, news, and events.

  • How can I add a development?

    You can add a development from the ‘Add Development’ feature on the profile pages of all elected political leaders.

  • Can I ask questions directly to politicians?

    We are working on that feature. It will be available very soon.

  • How can I ask questions directly to the CM of any state?

    We received this requirement from many of our users so we are in the process of developing it. It will be available soon.

  • Will politicians reply to my questions?

    This ties in with our ask politicians feature which will be made available as soon as we are done working on it.

  • Are the contact information of politicians such as phone numbers and emails right? Can I contact them directly through phone numbers, emails, or through social media?

    The contact information is updated as it is available in our files. They might not be the latest but we try to provide the most recent information. You can contact politicians directly using the information we have on NationsRoot. You don’t need to contact politicians through NationsRoot mandatorily but we assure you that we will put in extra effort to let your voice reach the politicians.

  • How can I rate politicians?

    We don’t rate politicians. We rate the work they have done in their constituencies based on certain parameters. You can rate these parameters which can be found in the ratings tab of a politician’s page.

  • What is the rating based on? What are the benefits of rating politicians?

    The rating is based on users’ opinion of basic necessities in their area. You can show the requirements that are missing in your constituency when you rate your leaders based on the parameters for basic needs.

  • Who can write on NationsRoot?

    Anyone can write on NationsRoot.

  • What criteria does NationsRoot use to select written pieces?

    We have simple criteria. We want written pieces to be free of sensationalism and plagiarism. The works should be accurate and verifiable with legitimate sources. Sources can include untouched videos, photos, and interviews.

  • Do we cover information about elections?

    We provide data about recent 2014 general elections right now. Data history of prior general elections will be available soon. Elections data from the state level will be available soon.

  • What are the levels of local government?

    A village that has a population of 500 must have a Gram Panchayat, a group of members elected by the villagers for a term of 5 years.

  • Who made NationsRoot?

    It was made by a team of developers.

  • How does NationsRoot earn money?

    We are still working out the earning money part.

  • Where can I get news updates about my constituency/local area?

    We will launch this feature soon.

  • What are manifestos?

    Manifestos are declarations of goals and objectives made by a politician that he or she intends to work towards, usually before an election.

  • How does NationsRoot track manifestos?

    We will list points from manifestos given by the states and political parties. We then let users decide how much work has been done by commenting on or rating each point.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a writer on NationsRoot?

    Writers on NationsRoot will get exposure to local, national, and eventually international audience. You will earn money based on the popularity of your articles. Becoming a writer lets you express your ideas and suggestions with others.

  • Will I get any money after I start writing on NationsRoot?

    Yes, you will start receiving money once the payment feature is implemented.

  • How will I get my monthly pay as a writer?

    We will either send a check or directly deposit to your account. All information about payment will be available soon here (link).

  • Is the analytics data shown in real time?

    The data displayed in the basic analysis is the data we get. It is not real time.

  • As a reporter, can I use the social media data available on NationsRoot?

    Yes, the data can be used by reporters but please display 'NationsRoot' as the source of the data.

  • Can we have advanced social media analytics reports?

    Yes, please contact us to get advanced reports.