About NationsRoot

NationsRoot is aspiring to provide a platform that gets the words of citizens to make a difference and allows politicians to better understand the people they are serving.

NationsRoot is a place where you can follow politicians and see what activities they are involved in. You can also find easy to digest information about the civic and political system. The only other source of this information is the local news and usually this is not sufficient. What we want to encourage is an informed open dialogue between politician and citizen that increases the level of communication. Hence, NationsRoot aims to become a source of both information and action.

Is it strange that you elected your leaders only to find later that they are hard to reach? There have been many instances of people who think of how hard it is to file a complaint and simply decide to leave it alone rather than face the time consuming process. Let’s consider a common situation that could really use permanent resolution.

Piles of trash often exist near homes. This trash is more than just an eyesore. It is a sanitary hazard. It is a breeding ground for disease carrying insects and mice. This is not something citizens can ignore. However, how can the complaint be filed? To whom? Who is the person or agency responsible for this duty? Because the answers to these questions are not clear, citizens feel unable to do anything. Even if there is a process, the confusing paperwork alone is overwhelming to the citizen. Because of this barrier, most citizens do not file complaints about civic issues and those complaints that are made, become lost within the system.

With the lack of apparent transparency on the process of reporting issues, citizens are not quite sure where to go or even if their problem will be resolved. There is a lot of confusion about the way city and town governments carry out their work or responsibilities. This is where NationsRoot steps in to fill in the communication and information gap.

NationsRoot is where:

  • You can find profiles of your local leaders
  • You can learn about the responsibilities and powers given to specific positions such as MPs and MLAs by the Constitution
  • You can share your thoughts on development and issues
  • You can rate the level of basic needs in your area
  • You can follow politicians and get updates on their activities
  • You can invite your friends to support your issues

NationsRoot’s vision is to actively involve citizens from all walks of life in the democratic process and to give voice to our opinions on issues that affect the lives of everyone. You, the voters, should raise your voice by taking advantage of everything NationsRoot has to offer. We invite you to discover the power of engaging with your leaders directly and making a difference by adding your voice to make our country, state, and city better.

We would love to hear the ideas and suggestions you have about how we can improve communication and transparency in the local civic environment.